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Kiyas first transformation wip by Ask-Kit-The-Pirate
Kiyas first transformation wip
Kiya has her first transformation and it blows her little mind.
base used for the baby: ask-kit-the-pirate.deviantart.…
base used for hiro:ask-kit-the-pirate.deviantart.…
Haru waves goodbye to the hellsing crew an ever present smile on her face. "Alucard when I come back i'll have a whole bunch of new things for you to see hah." The tear in the fabric of reality slowly starts to heal itself so Haru hastens her departure and leaps through to what await her on the other side. The tear had almost finished lacing itself back together as Haru lands atop a stone rooftop.
She surveys her surroundings, a forest lay directly ahead of her but just below her feet lay a castle. Its large grey towers and bricks looked old but well taken care of. Maybe someone lived here, hopefully they had a bed she could rest in. Climbing down from the castle she find herself met with a most terrifying woman dressed in all black with a harsh face.
“BUDDHA!” Yelping she jumps back and slips slamming her back into the castle wall knocking the wind out of her.
“And just what do you think you are doing?” The womans voice was snappy and just as harsh as the rest of her. Her arms were folded and her index and pinky pointed up as though she were going to a rock concert.
“I uh, ow...Im sorry i just got here, I was hoping that maybe there was someone who lived here that could help me out.” Haru quickly rose to her feet and stood at attention in front of the woman. She reminded her of her master back on the island, her mannerisms were very militant.
“And just who are you? And where did you come from?” The woman’s dark eyes seemed to search her face for any signs of weakness. But harus hair hung before her eyes obscuring the woman’s view of her soul.
“My name is Haru No Mochikomi and i’m a traveler. I've just arrived here from another reality and could really use a place to rest for a few days so I can regain my strength. I know it sounds like fancy stories but i assure you its all too real.” She rose her head to see if the scar was still there, but it seems to have healed itself whilst talking to this scary woman in black. “So now that i've told you my name why don't you tell me yours?”
“I am constance Hardbroom, teacher here at Cackle's academy!” She straightened her already straight posture and peers down her nose at haru.
“So then this is a school? Well thats neat. So since its a school, you have a healer right?” Haru shifted in her spot, her body was exhausted from opening the rift.
“Yes we have a nurses office with tonics and healing salves. But I would suggest Miss Haa-ru that you go to the village down the road.” Her words were cold and she only seemed to get scarier.
“Constance! now constance let the girl rest here look at her, she's exhausted. Come now child come and rest. I am Amelia Cackle the headmistress here at Cackle's academy.” The woman who introduced herself as Amelia had a sweet grandmotherly look to her and a warmth that invited Haru in.
“Thank you miss, I promise while I am here I will do my best to help out with whatever things you need doing.”
“No worries my dear, Now tell me where you said you came from.” She smiled sweetly and wrapped an arm around Haru’s shoulder and walked her past a flabbergasted Miss Hardbroom.
“Bu...But Miss Cackle! We dont even know who she is!” But her protests went unheard as Haru and miss Cackle walked into the school. The school was clearly old, everything was made of stone, girls roamed the halls in uniforms, Haru stood out like a sore thumb in her hooded bunny jacket and jeans.
“So ah, Miss Cackle all i’m seeing are girls. Is this a girls school?”
“It is, this is an all girls school. Now here we are, you may lie down here and I would like you to tell me where you came from and why you came here.”
Haru took a rest on the bed before her its crisp white sheets made her feel uncomfortable. “Well, as I told miss Hardbroom, I came from another dimension. I just finished fighting vampires in london and now im here, um but i’m not exactly sure where here is but i’m really uh, i appreciate you letting me stay here.”
“Thats quite a tall tale miss Haru, was it?”
“Well yes thats a very hard thing to swallow and it seems a bit...silly. But seeing as how you appeared from nowhere I shall, give you the benefit of the doubt. Now you will find that this is not exactly a regular school.”
“No? What makes it so irregular?”
“You may very well find out while you are here, so what led you to choose this school?”
“Well I didn’t exactly choose here, its just kinda where I ended up.”
“I see, well go on and get some rest then and we will talk some more when you wake up.” Amelia rose, gave the bed a light tap and walked out of the room. Constance however appeared out of nowhere right next to her bed and glared at her.
“I dont know who you are why you’re here but i will find out and when I do i will expose you.”
Haru was taken aback by the venomous response. But as the woman stalked out of the room she shrugged and let herself drift into slumberland.
Down in the schoolyard Mildred Hubble and her gaggle of girlfriends gossiped about the new arrival at Cackles. “Did you see her, that jacket was so cute it had bunny ears on it!” Mildred exclaimed with excitement.
“I know and her hair was extreme!” Ruby cherrytree shook her hands in front of her face to gesture harus bangs.
“But what I want to know is where she came from!” Maude Moonshine threw her hands before her and stamped her foot in an almost demanding way. Her glasses sliding down her nose.
“I heard some girls saying they saw her fall from the sky, like from some weird portal!” Jadu wali smiled excitedly and pointed at the sky.
“No way Jadu, thats crazy!” Enid gave Jadu a roll of her eyes
“Weirder things have happened Enid, I mean we brought a witch back from ancient times!” Mildred bounced up and down with excitement. “So I mean really how weird is it that we get a visitor from another dimension!”
“Oh millie I hope she wakes up soon I want to know everything about this other dimension!” Maude mirrored mildreds excitement and bounced up and down. But the chatter was soon cut short as HB appeared from nowhere and sent them off to her potions class glaring at them with distaste. “I will hear no more chatter about this strange bunny hooded girl!” she shook her head and walked into the classroom slamming the door behind her. After potions class the girls ran to their dormitory and continued to gossip about their new arrival.
Constance hardbroom however rushed into the staffroom to give the headmistress a tongue lashing.
“Miss Cackle how could you let in a girl we know nothing about?!”
“Oh constance please calm down, the girl needs rest and she seems harmless enough.”
“She seems deranged!”
“Not deranged constance, perhaps just a tad confused. She was exhausted the poor thing, we will let her rest and then when shes well enough we will send her on her way home. But I would really like to know where the girl came from.” Amelia brought a cup of tea to her lips and drank happily from it. She loved the tea Devina bat had brought home from one of her trips. It was sweet and not at all strange and bitter like her usual gifts.
“But Miss Cackle!”
“No Constance thats enough!” Amelia set the cup on the table and gave the woman in black a stern glare. Constance averted her gaze and sat down at the table and picked up a cup of her own and poured herself some tea. The woman who claimed the title of headmistress sure could be a terrifying person at times.
Adventures at cackles academy day 1
Haru ends up at the esteemed school for witches Cackles Academy!
This show the worst witch was a precursor to harry potter for me so its only fitting haru learns magic here before going to Hogwarts
Commission by Nordrhein Istuinir the elf crystal mage by Ask-Kit-The-Pirate sean update by Josh-The-WereVampire (left his middle and right are mine)
TYERE ARE MORE BABUS Commission by Nordrhein Ask The Rock ninja Coloured by Ask-Kit-The-Pirate Calabast the Xarnaskin by Ask-Kit-The-Pirate (left is his middle and right are mine)


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  So, im going through some awful things right now. It probably wont affect my blogging but whatever. So my aunt died on Sunday the day AFTER my least favorite holiday VALENTINES DAY. And suddenly my world has been turned on its head. I am now in a position of power that I never asked for and I suddenly have to take care of my like 28 year old paraplegic cousin and my elderly grandfather and my uncle who has neuropathy of the legs.

        These people took care of ME when i was little and now all of a sudden I’m 20 years old and having to take care of other people and a house and pay bills and car insurance and oh god im so stressed out. I mean my uncle can still get around and he cooks dinner for us and like takes care of grandpa most of the time as well as himself but its just, Now without my aunt the household isn’t running as smoothly as it was. 

       Now I have become the woman of the house. I’m the one that has to keep it clean and take care of everybody and do things. Luckily I’ve just gotten another job. Now with 2 jobs ill be making more money and ill actually make enough to pay my bills and have spending money. I have also made up and am now friends with My ex boyfriend again. But it doesnt change the fact that im now a head in this household. Basically my aunt was the queen, I ‘m just a princess. The queen died and now im queen, I AM NOT READY TO BE QUEEN. I HAVE BEEN THRUST INTO A POSITION OF POWER I DO NOT WANT AND I AM SCARED. 

      I have to be strong for an entire household. I have to be strong for myself. Im terrified, im not ready for this. But i have to be ready, i cant not be ready. I am the only able bodied person in my house so i have to take up most of the responsibilities and im fuckin scared. I cant rely heavily on my uncle or grandpa or cousin. I already rely heavily on my grandpa to keep a roof over my head and my uncle to cook our meals because i dont know how to cook and for my cousin to be my best friend and be there for me when i need her. But now I have to learn to cook, which i should but i didnt want to learn like this. I now have to pull more than my share around here, when before i pulled less than my share. And now i have to take care of a woman who used to change my diapers for crying out loud. 

       I was shoved into the harsh reality of this world when my parents died and left me an orphan, i relied on my grandparents, then my grandma died, now i rely on my uncle and aunt, now my aunts dead. Now im the head and Im really an adult. An adult with two jobs, and responsibilities that someone my age shouldn’t have to have. I am openly admitting I AM NOT OKAY AND I AM HORRIFIED! I keep saying Im okay and that yeah im really fine but I am not. I am scared and i need help. Im scared, i feel alone I need advice and support and a hug. I dont know what to do now. I really hope i can be a good adult and take care of my family. I really hope i can cope and be the adult that my family needs. 

    If any of you have any advice on what i can do. Please help me out, I really need it. 

So tell me out of my list of babies on this account who would you like to see me bend first?
Kit (has a genderbend but will draw it again)
The amazons
masked man
gonna be gone for a month, try not to miss me to much. for those of you who still wanna talk text or google me


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Golda Horowitz
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My name is Kit I am a resident of the land of Ooo I am Captian of the Fox pirates.

Name: Kit O'Hara
Age: 18
Height: 5ft 2in
Weight: 120
Sexuial oreintation: straight.
Relationship status: Taken. Happily in love with Hirohitsuya. :iconhirohitsuya:

A fox pirate is wha' I am. I 'ave controll over all species of foxes as well as the ability to turn into a fox to escape from terrible situations.

Background story: Kits fater was the son of a sailor and a sailor himself. He loved his daughter more then the world itself. She had to live with her father from the day she was born because her mother had died while giving birth to her.Kit grew up on a ship in Ooo with her father and she told him that she would one day be a pirate. Her father laughed and said that being a lady pirate was not the job for his beautiful daughter. But kit was determined to follow her dream, so she started to learn everything she could about keeping up a ship and crew and learned how to fight with knives and swords. When she was eight years old her father reveled to her she had the power to transform into a fox and had the power to controll foxes. It was a power passed down for generations in her family. She loved having this power but the thing she loved the most was the Island that her father owned. That was where she was born and where she spent her time when she wasnt at see with her dad. Kit and her father spent months on the island setting boobytraps and importing goods and hiding treasure. She loved that island and knew it like the back of her hand. It was the one place in the world she knew she would always be safe. For kit and her father were the only ones who knew how to avoid the traps to get onto the island safely. other ships and people who tried were either shipwrecked killed or sent back to shore.but rest assured they had no ship afterwards. Kits father said that everything he owned would be passed down to her when the time came. Well the time came... Kit was just ten years old when her father died, She was thirteen when she took her fathers ship and crew and became a pirate. She now rules the water with an iron paw and makes sure that everyone she is close to and cares about is safe and well taken care of. She is now eighteen. Though she loves her crew like a family she is a rather lonely girl who wnats nothing more then to have friends to hang out with and a boyfriend to adore love and protect her. So dont fear this girl strike up a conversation and enjoy the tales to come!

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